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Video Conferencing is now a mission critical application.

Zerify Defender

Extend your company’s Zero Trust security posture to the endpoint to protect today’s remote and hybrid workforce, even during a video conference.

  • Anti-Hooking Keystroke Protection

  • Video Camera Lockdown

  • Audio (IN/OUT) Lockdown

  • Anti-Screen Capture

  • Clipboard Protection


Zerify Meet

Zerify Meet is the industry’s only video conferencing platform built with a zero-trust architecture to keep your meetings secure, private and business compliant.

  • 5-Level Meeting Security

  • Advanced User Authentication

  • Security Controls Mapped to NIST – FIPS

  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

  • Encrypted Audio & Video


Zerify API

Integrate Zero Trust secure video conferencing into your business application and empower teams to easily and securely collaborate and conduct business.

  • Encrypted Audio & Video

  • Add Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Integrates with CRM’s, ERP’s & Legacy Applications

Modern Conference Room

Don’t wait for an unknown breach to happen, invest in your company’s video conferencing strategy Now!

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