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Secure In-Room Network Access

A Service of CloudCycles LLC

The Gold Standard in Device Security! Offered as an Optional In-room Service.

Protecting Every Aspect of Your Hotel's Guests Devices and Identity During their Stay.

Hotel Wi-Fi is an  Easy Target for Cyber Criminals

Safe-Stays Licenses are assigned to the Hotel so they can be used repeatedly  for multiple guests during the year.

Guest receives a license key when they check in at the hotel. Guest enrolls his credentials and the license key online and receives a link to download the Installer to install and activate the Safe-Stays Application.

Luxury Hotel
Be Safe, Stay Safe with Safe-Stays.

Hotel Subscribes to Safe-Stays Service.

Hotel subscribes to Monthly Service Licenses for Safe-Stays Standard and Premium Services. 1 License per room, 10 room minimum.

Hotel Guest Check-in.

Guest is issued an Activation Key at Check-In. Valid for 2 Devices and receives a "get to know you" email.

Guest Checks Out of the Hotel, Motel, Inn.

Guest is allowed to continue to use his license for 10 days. After that it is automatically deactivated.

Guest is Billed Nightly by the Hotel.

Safe-Stays service is Ready for the Next Guest.

Unprecedented Security. Impeccable Reliability.


  • Cyber Criminals are creating malicious Wi-Fi Hotspots to steal your guests data, and Anti Virus cannot stop what it doesn’t know about.

  • Cyber Criminals can Eavesdrop and Gate-Crash into your Video Conferencing Solution Stealing Valuable and Confidential corporate information.   

  • Credentials Stealing Malware is the favorite tool of the Cyber Criminal. This type of malware is used in almost all cases of data breaches in the last several years, and is increasing exponentially.


  • Offers next generation cyber security solutions for your Lodging Guests.

  • Protect every aspect of your Guests Laptop & Devices.

  • Creates a new revenue stream for Hotels

  • Minimal Monthly fee for your Lodging Establishment to join the program

  • Increases brand awareness & loyalty

  • Co branding opportunities are available

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Hotel, Motel, Resort, or Inn's Revenue Goals?

By subscribing to the Safe-Stays Program, Lodging establishments can enjoy a annual revenue boost of $1500.00 + JUST FOR ONE ROOM! Depending on the number of rooms in your establishment, the math says it all.

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