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Protect your business from the unknown.

Anti-Virus and Endpoint Security software are great at stopping known and cataloged threats, but new and emerging ones easily slip through. That’s where Zerify Defender comes in – it helps expand your Zero-Trust strategy to endpoint protection and keep your business safe from both known and unknown threats.

Securing Global Organizations for Over 20 Years

The New Digital Frontier

With business being conducted across multiple devices and locations, remote work has become the new norm. This widespread access and connectivity also creates a new gap in endpoint protection to significant security threats. The business applications used to connect and communicate with your teams are targeted by new and evolving predatory applications. Current protections are failing to keep up:

“Breach reports indicate that between 35% and 51% of malware is getting through existing defenses (A/V, EDR, IPS’s IDS’s, etc.)”

Zerify fills this gap by proactively locking down your computer's devices and processes that all business applications use when sharing data. Don't let your guard down - take proactive measures to safeguard your organization.

Most Endpoint protection is no longer enough to ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Your camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and screen-sharing features are vulnerable to a range of security threats, including predatory programs and keyloggers, to name a few. Leaving any of these unprotected opens the door to malicious attacks that compromise your company's confidential information.

  Zerify Defender
    Zero Trust Protection

Extend your company's Zero Trust security posture to the endpoint to safeguard against known and unknown threats. With Zerify Defender, you take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Defender protects:


V A Lockdown.png


Audio Lockdown.png

Audio (In/Out)

Anti Screen.png

Screen Sharing

Secure Solutions for the Hybrid Workplace

Video conferencing, screen sharing, and virtual meetings are now essential to organizations. However, security vulnerabilities still exist in these processes. Zerify Meet is the only video conferencing platform built on a Zero-Trust foundation, ensuring strong authentication and access controls at every stage to protect against hacking and intrusions.

Zerify Meet

The only “True” Zero Trust secure video conferencing platform.


Zerify API

Integrate Zero Trust Secure Video Conferencing into your Business Application.

Strengthen Your Zero Trust Security Posture

Zero-Trust is a cybersecurity model based on a very basic concept — “never trust, always verify.”

A Zero-Trust strategy effectively ensures that users’ identification is verified each and every step of the way keeping out hackers, spoofers, and emerging new threats. Zero-Trust not only secures your organization from attacks and data breaches, but also provides better visibility into the status of your organization’s devices and services, enables more seamless collaboration between departments, and keeps hybrid teams safe and compliant. Now it’s more critical than ever to have your video conferencing infrastructure comply with a Zero-Trust model.

Industry Expertise



Meet securely and protect your client’s financial information


Secure your communications with clients and protect against data breaches


Scale your practice, boost efficiency in a secure space


Securely share classified documents in private meetings


Secure student issued devices, avoid costly lawsuits

"Knowing that Zerify is protecting my privacy and data is important. It will ensure our communications with our investors, colleagues and consumers are protected from the vulnerabilities of other platforms."



Zerify Meet Ranked #1 Secure Video Conferencing Platform

"Knowing that Zerify is protecting my privacy and data is important. It will ensure our communications with our investors, colleagues and consumers are protected from the vulnerabilities of other platforms."

Modern Conference Room

Don’t wait for an unknown breach to happen, invest in your company’s video conferencing strategy Now!

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