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Zerify Defender

Bring Zero-Trust to endpoint protection.

Endpoint Security Software for Video Conferencing.
Protect your current video conferencing infrastructure with military-grade security.

New threats are emerging faster than ever and the gap is growing.

560,000 new pieces of malware are detected every day.

Unlike traditional malware protection, Zerify Defender is designed to function effectively in a constantly changing threat landscape. Instead of scanning for known risks, Defender stops breaches by securing the devices and processes used by business applications providing protection against known and unknown threats.

Work Securely, Everywhere.

Zerify Defender is a proactive cyber security solution which locks down access to your personal and corporate data from eavesdropping spyware and keylogger malware. Defender blocks hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in critical communication functions.

Video Camera Lockdown

Secures access to your devices video camera

Clipboard Protection

Prevents malware from stealing sensitive data

Audio (In/Out) Lockdown

Secures access to your microphone & speakers

Anti-Screen Capture

Blocks spyware from taking screenshots

Anti-Hooking Keystroke Protection

Blocks malware from stealing your keystrokes

Zerify Defender is the industry’s only validated solution that addresses and solves major cybersecurity issues by complying with NIST standards

Did you know?



For Individuals

Provides a single license key valid for use on the number of devices equal to the selected quantity (min 1, max 9). Access to the license is granted to a single Zerify account




Provides a single license key valid for use on the number of devices equal to the selected quantity (min 3, max 100). Access to the license can be delegated to multiple Zerify accounts.


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For Large Organizations

Provides a single license key valid for use on >100 devices. Access to the license can be delegated to multiple Zerify accounts.

Defender Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Endpoint Security?

Zerify Defender uses Endpoint Security, locking down the “endpoints” hackers use to attain your private data. By locking down the end-users camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and screen, Zerify Defender keeps your device secure and private.

What are the features and benefits of Endpoint Security for Video Conferencing?

Intelligent hackers and cyberthieves are often able to acquire company data by taking advantage of an app your employees are using that is also not secure. Today, almost every video conferencing platform is a target for hackers due to the fact that these applications have been designed to make it as easy as possible to access a meeting. Zerify Meet, with the power of Zerify Defender, is far different. Purpose-built and developed by security experts Zerify Defender’s endpoint security locks hackers out of accessing your camera, microphone, speakers, keyboard, clipboard, and screen so that your device and data are safe and protected.

Why your business should protect your endpoint devices?

Businesses of all sizes are facing cyber attacks on a daily if not hourly basis. The best way to protect your business from cybertheft and hacks is to lock down the paths a hacker would use to enter your device. When Zerify Defender locks your camera, that means a hacker cannot use your camera without you knowing. When Zerify Defender locks your clipboard, no hacker will be able to see what you have copied and pasted throughout the day.

What is the difference between endpoint security and antivirus protection?

The major difference between Antivirus Protection and Endpoint Security is that Antivirus Protections will only let you know after a virus has been detected on your device. At that point, the hacker has already gained access to your data and likely has already caused harm. Endpoint Security is different. By locking down your device, Endpoint Security protects your computer before an attack can even occur.

What should my business consider when choosing endpoint security software for video conferencing?

When choosing whether to install endpoint security software throughout your company, it’s important to consider the ways you are doing business. If video conferencing is where your company does business, then consider that no other video conferencing solution offers endpoint security as a feature in their solution other than Zerify Meet.

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Don’t wait for an unknown breach to happen, invest in your company’s video conferencing strategy Now!

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