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Zerify API

Your Business’s Secure Video Conference API.

Add the power of video conferencing directly into any type of business application with one click convenience.


of C-level executives are aware of the security vulnerabilities that exist in their video conferencing platforms


Market Research Group, Propeller Insights, July 2022 survey on video conferencing security (For complete survey results, click here)

Protect Your Remote Workforce with Our Secure Video Conferencing API

Customize your existing business software with the power of Zerify API’s Zero Trust authentication technology and secure video conferencing.

Easily launch a secure video conference from any platform.

The Zerify API provides an easy and seamless integration of secure video conferencing into any business application. Launch a secure, real-time, on demand video conference for sales reps with prospects and customers directly from a CRM platform, Customer Service Chat, ERP, or even a virtual telemedicine meeting between a patient and doctor via bedside mobile medical carts.

The API is based on a secure REST architecture and accessed via HTTPS at specified URL’s and authenticated via JWT tokens.

  • Layer appropriate levels of cybersecurity from private to classified

  • Meet regulatory requirements and expand your clientbase

  • Secure your conversations while utilizing an existing solution

Custom API License

Price On Request

Are you an SMB or Enterprise that needs to bolster your zero trust policy?
Contact us for a tailored solution that scales to your needs.

"Knowing that Zerify is protecting my privacy and data is important. It will ensure our communications with our investors, colleagues and consumers are protected from the vulnerabilities of other platforms."



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of not having a secure video call API?

Your company’s data and privacy are at risk if you’re not using a secure video call API. By not having a secure video call API, you’re also opening up your company to legal liability.

Ultimately, you are risking data breaches, cyber-attacks, and privacy infringement for your company, clients, or patients.

What are the benefits of secure video conferencing APIs?

The are a plethora of benefits of using our secure video conferencing API:


• Launch a secure video call or conference from your business’s software

• Improve security for your company and key stakeholders

• Prevent malicious cyber attacks

• Substantially reduce legal liability for your company.

• Improve employee productivity and security

Is it easy to use Zerify API to integrate video into other software?

Yes, the Zerify API is easy to integrate into your existing software platform. The Zerify API will work with practically any software application.

Why is it important to have a Zero Trust API?

A Zero Trust API is important because it allows you to secure your entire workforce, and focus on preventing an attack before one can occur. With our Zero Trust API, you’ll receive alerts when an application wants to access without permission. This way, you can lock down microphone, camera, speakers, keystrokes, and more from being accessed.

What kinds of software can integrate with the Zerify API?

The Zerify API can integrate with any software that your business uses. This includes, but is not limited to:

• Customer service chat

• Mobile nurse or physician station



• And more

Modern Conference Room

Don’t wait for an unknown breach to happen, invest in your company’s video conferencing strategy Now!

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