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Secure In-Room Network Access

A Service of CloudCycles LLC

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Dive Into the New Age of Lodging
Cyber Security

Patented Device Lockdown technology 1

Lockdown of Video Conferencing Components i.e., Camera, Microphone, Speakers, Keyboard, Clipboard, and Screen protects against eavesdropping Cyber-Criminals.

Blocks Intruders and Unauthorized/Uninvited individuals from Joining the Video Meetings.

Multi Patented Encryption protection technology

Keystroke encryption protects everything typed onto your Devices, protecting your guests from Cyber Criminals Phishing attacks and phony webpages asking for your guests credentials. Uses military-grade 256-bit encryption code.

Anti-Hooking Keyboard Protection

Locks down your keyboard input, protecting it from eavesdropping spyware.

Full Customer Experience Service

Works on Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Whether your Guests are staying for business or pleasure, they can feel at ease knowing that their Devices are fully protected during their stay.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

With our Cookie-Cutter Setup and seamless integration with your Wi-Fi and Property Management Systems, you will be up and running in a single day. Our on-going maintenance program provides you and your staff a worry free experience. 

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