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Video Monitoring Centers

Effectively reduce costs and operator fatigue by utilizing Scylla AI solutions that help minimize the number of false positives by up to 99%.

Why our clients choose Scylla Security Suite for
Video Monitoring Centers

One major obstacle for effective video monitoring is false alarms. Scylla advanced AI-powered solutions automatically filter out false alarms, improve productivity and lower costs.

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Reduce costs and boost your effectiveness with Scylla

Scylla is a powerful and flexible professional solution that can be customized to fit your current security infrastructure and improve efficiency of your operations.

Effectively detect persons and vehicles

Scylla False Alarm Filtering is trained to detect the object of interest while ignoring anything else in the scene that caused a motion detection alert, such as flying leaves, animals, flickering lights, etc.


Configure sensitivity only to the areas of interest

The algorithm of Scylla False Alarm Filtering can also be configured to be sensitive only to certain areas of the frame at predefined time slots.


Customizable alerting system

Scylla provides useful reporting to allow an informed analysis of alerts that include a short video and meta description of the event with its location and time.


Full statistical reporting

Scylla AI provides a detailed overview of your system performance and historical data with sophisticated query and exporting tools.


Numerous integrations for your ease of use and cost-saving

Scylla False Alarm Filtering has integrations with most VMS such as Milestone, exacqVision, Nx Witness, Sentinel from Monitor Computer Systems, and more.

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Video Surveillance False Alarm Filtering Technology Guide

We compiled a comprehensive guide to explain how advanced AI-powered solutions help to significantly reduce the number of false positives, improve operational productivity and cut costs.

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