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Industrial Temperature Monitoring

Scylla AI works on MOBOTIX thermographic cameras enabling continuous, real-time thermal scanning for lithium ion battery overheating, heating of transformers and electrical substations, skin surface temperature monitoring, and more.

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In partnership with MOBOTIX

How it works


Bi-spectrum cameras provide thermal radiometric raw data to the AI-powered Scylla Thermal Scanning module.


Scylla monitors pre-defined areas of the thermal feed, and if necessary, maps sources of the thermal anomaly to the visual channel. This is used either to exclude the source that needs to be ignored for the future (to avoid excessive false alarms), or for more precise smart targeting and tracking.


Historical analysis of heat sources allows to identify overheating trends, as well as precisely localize and notify about possible cases of escalation.


Detailed alerts are distributed to all assigned end points for actions to be taken. Scylla can be further integrated with fire alarm systems and help automatize the response.

Powerful technology for safety and smooth operation

Transformers and electrical substations

Transformer explosions and burns not only cause massive electrical failures, but they can also result in catastrophic property damage, injuries and deaths. Transformers are insulated with petroleum-based mineral oil. A typical 1500 kVA transformer may contain between 1000 and 2000 liters of oil.

If this is overheated due to a fault, it can decompose and vaporize, resulting in flammable gas bubbles. As the temperatures continue to rise, the mineral oil will reach its flash point and ignite both the vapor and the liquid. This can result in an increase in pressure and an explosion of flaming oil, destroying the transformer and electrical components and damaging powerplant structural components.

MOBOTIX and Scylla solutions can remotely monitor transformers, allowing any increase in temperature to be identified before it gets out of hand.

Lithium battery overheating

Lithium batteries are widely used but can pose a safety concern when deployed in battery packs, or when stored or transported. There have been many cases of spontaneous fires caused by these batteries.

A lithium battery fire releases an ether-based vapor that is highly flammable, plus the thermal runaway chemical reaction can release hydrogen and oxygen byproducts, which also support combustion. This can occur in less than 60 seconds. An overheated lithium ion battery creates its own fuel, ignition and oxygen. The smoke from lithium batteries is toxic and carcinogenic.

MOBOTIX and Scylla offer a solution to allow fast intervention before internal heating gets out of hand, helping make lithium batteries safer.

Industrial dumpster fires

Fire departments responded to an average of 37,910 fires at industrial facilities per year. 71% of these fires (26,730) were outside fires. 45% of these fires occurred at manufacturing facilities. Intentional fires accounted for 50% of outside rubbish fires.

In most cases conventional fire solutions won’t detect these fires. The MOBOTIX and Scylla solution with thermal cameras and AI can detect these damaging fires reliably and early so that they can be extinguished before getting out of control.

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MOBOTIX and Scylla solutions allow storage facilities and warehouses to run 24/7 real-time thermal scanning of the entire storage surface area which results in a more efficient conservation of goods, cost saving and differential value to the company.

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Safe storage of goods

in the United States showed that there were an average of 1,210 warehouse fires per annum, with annual average losses totaling $155 million. In addition, there were an average of 19 annual injuries and three annual deaths due to these fires. Therefore, implementing powerful thermal screening on site is critical to providing optimal customer service, smooth operation, employee safety and business profitability.

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Safe storage of goods

temperature of people and provide this data to Scylla’s software for further processing. Scylla Thermal Screening AI takes into account the average temperature measurements for all the visitors and compensates for possible fluctuations during the day, to minimize the amount of false positives.


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