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Sports Venue Security Suite

Comprehensive physical security solution for the safety of your staff, athletes and venue visitors.

Why our clients choose Scylla Sports Venue Security Suite

Securing stadiums and sports arenas has always been a challenge because of the heavy foot traffic and high profile of the events held there. With this in mind, we’ve created an all-in-one sports venue security suite to help level up situational awareness, automate the response in case of high-impact scenarios and improve operational efficiency.

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Bolster stadium security with the power of AI

Boost security and operational effectiveness at your premises with efficient surveillance infrastructure and AI-powered video analytics tools from Scylla.

Gun detection technology

Scylla’s gun detection system not only detects a wide variety of weapons once they are visible in the video stream but also keeps track of those who were spotted carrying them, in real time. Scylla weapon detection system can also be successfully used for high angle attack detection.

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Slip and Fall Detection

Scylla Anomaly Detection system allows to detect slips an falls with an impressive accuracy of up to 98.1%. Timely intentification of trips, slips and falls would allow the security team to provide quicker medical assistance and prevent severe consequences.

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Fight detection

There are cases where victims have been very seriously hurt and have sustained permanent injuries as a result of fights in sports venues, or car parking lots. With the accuracy of up to 95.6%, Scylla fighting detection system is one of the most sensitive AI-powered anomaly detection solutions.

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Intrusion detection and perimeter protection

By utilizing Scylla Intrusion Detection and Face Recognition systems, you can instantly detect authorized and non-authorized personnel movement between inner and outer perimeters and follow on tracking of intruders for informed decision-making.

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Missing children detection

Scylla Person Search system can be effectively applied to search for missing children and elderly. This will help further reduce time loss on inefficient search and security team work disruption, not to mention the emotional stress that is reduced for your visitors.

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Face recognition technology

Scylla facial recognition system is one of the most accurate AI-powered technologies in the field. The use cases are numerous, ranging from access control and ticketless entry, to timely identification and tracking of BOLO and unruly fans.


Heatmaps and crowd detection

Scylla offers intelligent occupancy flow analytics to enable smart placement of digital signage for better ROI for your advertisers and vendors.

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Scylla's Guide on Protecting Sports Stadiums

We’ve created an insightful guide to explore the most common physical security issues for sports venues and the ways to solve them with AI technology.

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