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Retail Security Suite

Comprehensive AI solution tailored for the retail industry with public safety and business in mind

Why our clients choose Scylla Retail Security Suite

With a complete retail security solution from Scylla, retailers can now leverage AI and video surveillance technology to optimize their security systems, operational costs, and even marketing activities.

Enhance your in-store security with Scylla

Leverage the powerful features included in Scylla comprehensive AI solution tailored for the retail industry with public safety and business in mind.

Loss prevention and external theft detection

According to statistics, over $15 billion worth of goods per year are shoplifted with the average shoplifting loss being over $500. Scylla allows outlets to detect and identify suspicious shopping behavior and capture events as they occur, so that you could proactive, rather than reactive.

Actionable customer insights

Optimize business processes and increase efficiency of merchandise planning with Scylla. We use face recognition functionality to collect data on your visitors’ age and gender to create heatmaps and retail traffic analysis.

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Highly accurate AI-powered solutions

By utilizing computer vision and AI, Scylla allows to impressively reduce the number of false positives by up to 99%. Now your security personnel can focus on what actually matters, instead of being disturbed by a constant flow of false alarms.

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Versatile gun detection system

Most active shooter events last less than 5 minutes, that’s why it is crucial to have an effective active shooter preparedness plan and automate response. Scylla not only boasts a highly accurate gun detection technology, but also provides active shooter tracking in real-time, even after the weapon has been hidden.

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COVID-19 compliance solution

As stores need to maintain a range of COVID-19 protective measures to provide a safe environment for businesses and customers, Scylla offers a complete solution to enable non-invasive thermal screening, contact tracing, real-time people counting, face mask usage detection, and social distancing monitoring.

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Parking area safety

AI video analytics triggers alerts to security staff if there is any violation in no-parking areas and loitering.

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Scylla’s Guide on Safety and Security Measures for Retail Stores

Download our comprehensive guide to learn about retail security challenges and how to respond to them effectively using the power of AI.

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