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Person Search

Proprietary AI-powered technology to help you find a particular person in real-time across all the cameras connected to your surveillance network.

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How it works


Photos of the person of interest are uploaded to the system. These photos can be also taken from real-time video feeds or video footage recordings. An optimal number of photos taken from different angles is 4+.


When initiated, Scylla Person Search System starts to look for people whose appearance is similar to the one provided. As soon as a suspected similar individual is found on any attached video feed, the system alerts the user.


The user can confirm the match or reject in cases of false guesses. In the second case the mistake is fed back to the system which allows to narrow down the search and increase the accuracy of further suggestions.

Use Case


Scylla Person Search system is a powerful technology that has a wide range of use cases to effectively augment your security infrastructure and reduce response time for:

missing child.webp

Missing child detection


Tracking a person of interest (an intruder, active shooter, BOLO, etc.)


Emergency contact tracing


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