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Oil & Gas Industrial Safety Suite

A comprehensive physical security solution particularly tailored for oil and gas companies with specific business and security needs in mind.

Why our clients choose Scylla Industrial Safety Suite

Scylla Industrial Safety Suite for Oil & Gas Sector is tailor-made to warn of developing high-impact threats before they escalate and help effectively protect your assets and staff.

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Advanced AI-powered solutions to level up safety at your facilities

Maintaining the highest level of safety and control at all times is critical for oil & gas companies. That’s why we’ve built a powerful security suite to enhance situational awareness and safety on-premises.

Smoke and Fire Detection

Industrial fires cause very high levels of pollution, severe property damage, and a large number of injuries and fatalities. With the accuracy of up to 94.9%, Scylla Smoke & Fire Detection is one of the most sensitive commercially available computer vision-based systems. So that you could be proactive when time matters.

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Slip and Fall Detection

According to the US Department of Labor, slips, trips & falls make up the majority of general industry accidents. Scylla Slip and Fall Detection module boasts an impressive accuracy of 98.1% and allows you to detect such threats effectively and in real-time.

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Oil Leak Detection

Spillage of oil can create vapors that can ignite unexpectedly and lead to a large fire. Oil leaks also cause injuries because of slips and falls. Scylla is trained to detect oil leaks at sight so that you could make an informed decision to prevent severe consequences.

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Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Scylla allows you to set the areas of interest and alerts you to cases of unauthorized access. Scylla False Alarm Filtering additionally allows you to significantly bring down noise and costs caused by false alarms.

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Drone Security

Scylla AI video analytics can also effectively work on drone cameras, which is particularly important for locations that are remote or hard to access.

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Download Face Recognition Technology Guide

We compiled a comprehensive guide to give you the insights into facial recognition technology and its use cases.

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