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Healthcare Security Suite

Implement effective protective measures with the leading AI-powered physical security solution to mitigate risks and provide peace of mind to your staff, patients and visitors

It is essential to provide effective risk management at healthcare facilities to ensure that staff have a safe and comfortable working environment while patients enjoy the atmosphere that is free from unnecessary risks and hazards.

At Scylla, we’ve created a comprehensive healthcare security suite that is the go-to solution for hospitals, senior living and nursing homes looking to augment their security infrastructure, ensure compliance with COVID-19 protective measures and create a safer environment at their premises.

Powerful features included in the solution

Perimeter intrusion detection


Gun detection


Active shooter tracking in real-time


Parking area safety


Access control


Slip and fall detection


Fight detection


COVID-19 compliance solution

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Healthcare Safety and Security Guide

Download our guide to learn how healthcare facilities can enhance real-time situational awareness and become more proactive in response to emerging physical security threats.

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