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Face Recognition

Upgrade your video surveillance with Scylla Face Recognition that harnesses the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence for the safety of your premises and people.

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How it works


Scylla Face Recognition is built on state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for higher accuracy and identification speed.


Each person entering the view of the camera is being tracked and identified multiple times. The results are statistically verified and the final decision is based on the most reliable output.


Face recognition module is able to work in unconstrained environments, extreme distances and various face angles, requiring as little as one good image of a person for accurate real-time identification.


It allows to minimize biases as the facial recognition system was developed on a dataset balanced with all ethnicities and genders.


It is easily integrated with Access Control Systems to grant entrу based on biometrics or to alert in case a person from the watchlist has been detected.

Use Cases


Scylla Face Recognition has a wide variety of use cases and is the go-to solution for businesses looking to enable effective


Access control system

attendance control.webp

Attendance control


Watchlist monitoring

missing child.webp

Missing children detection

What makes Scylla Face Recognition Technology stand out


Speed, accuracy, and easiness of deployment through our web and desktop applications.


It can be easily integrated with other modules Scylla provides.


Scylla applies best modern practices in deep learning research to keep the the face recognition system aligned with the accuracy and speed breakthroughs.


To benchmark and compare the accuracy of our algorithms we performed a few most common benchmarking tests. The results are presented in the table below.


Scylla Face Recognition modules operates on edge devices from Nvidia Jetson family (Nano, Xavier, etc.), and the box could be installed for role based access control or other similar use cases.

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Download Face Recognition Technology Guide

We compiled a comprehensive guide to give you the insights into facial recognition technology and its use cases.

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