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Smoke & Fire Detection

Scylla  utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify and detect hazardous smoke and fire and oil pipeline leaks.

Environmental Hazard Detection_edited.png

How it works


Scylla Environmental Hazard Detection system has been developed to help effectively address a variety of environmental threats to human life, property and valued assets.


Scylla solutions utilize computer vision and AI to detect a variety of hazardous environments at a distance. That’s why the system could be installed both indoors and outdoors and detect threats quicker compared to most conventional sensors.


The system has been heavily adjusted not to be sensitive to several sources of false positives like the sun, clouds, lights at night, etc. So that you could focus on what actually matters.


Use Cases

Accidents in the workplace account not only for a large number of injuries and fatalities every year, but also for downtime and running costs. Detecting and identifying hazards is the first important step in mitigating risks.

Scylla Environmental Hazard Detection is trained to specifically detect a variety of hazardous events such as:


Smoke & fire


Oil Leaks

What makes Scylla Environmental Hazard Detection stand out


Scylla Smoke & Fire detection module boasts an outstanding accuracy of up to 94.9%, effectively eliminating an overwhelming amount of false alarms


Real-time detection of oil leaks helps businesses take proactive measures and make informed decisions for advanced risk mitigation

Since the system is vision-based, it eliminates the need for regular and time-intensive turnarounds compared to conventional sensors

Scylla offers a cost-effective solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure

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