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Airport Security Suite

A robust AI-powered solution which utilizes the existing infrastructure to bolster security and optimize real-time situational awareness.

Why our clients choose Scylla Airport Security Suite

Scylla AI-powered solutions help airport authorities reduce risks of reputational damage, save money and improve public safety by increasing the sense of security and improving convenience for employees and passengers at airports.

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Optimize your security infrastructure and provide a better passenger experience

Scylla offers scalable AI-powered solutions that help you augment the existing security system in a cost-effective way for improved passenger experience, 24/7 monitoring and timely mitigation of high-impact risks.

Perimeter intrusion detection system

Important events can be often overlooked when it comes to monitoring multi-use facilities with heavy traffic flow such as airports. Scylla Intrusion Detection system can effectively identify cases of intrusion, both in real-time and forensically, and distribute relevant alerts in case of detection.

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Gun detection system

Scylla Gun Detection system is one of the most highly accurate ones on the market worldwide. It is trained to detect a wide variety of firearms with an impressive 0.1 false-positive rate per day per camera. On top of that, Scylla can be utilized to track the gunman in the crowd even after the weapon has been hidden. So that you could take proactive measures and reduce your response time.

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Occupancy and traffic flow analysis and optimization

Many areas in airports tend to get crowded inevitably causing delays, passenger irritation, and costs borne by airlines. Scylla allows to perform traffic flow analysis helping you identify choke points, optimize crowd management and reduce related expenses.

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COVID-19 compliance solution

With the steadily increasing number of flights, airports now have to ensure safety and compliance with protective measures. Scylla offers a complete Compliance Solution to enable non-invasive and non-contact thermal scanning, face mask usage detection, social distancing monitoring, people counting and emergency contact tracing.

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Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a robust technology that can be effectively utilized by airports and has a large number of applications, ranging from accelerating security lines and preventing insider threats, to real-time background checks and access control.

Environmental hazard detection

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A fire in an airport is a high-impact threat that can lead to major losses and fatalities. Scylla Smoke & Fire detection module boasts an outstanding accuracy of up to 94.9%, effectively eliminating an overwhelming amount of false alarms. So that you could make informed decisions for advanced risk mitigation.

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Download Face Recognition Technology Guide

We compiled a comprehensive guide to give you the insights into facial recognition technology and its use cases.

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