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US PATENTS No.: 7,870,599 & 8,484,698 & 8,713,701



The Out-Of-Band Authentication Pioneer


ProtectID® is designed to deliver affordable, flexible, and redundant authentication models for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Government Agencies, and Social Networking websites. ProtectID® can be managed on-site or via our hosted cloud service.

SpaceCycles exists in a competitive industry flooded by many different types of cyber-security technology offerings. Powered by StrikeForce Technologies, ProtectID® has many distinguishing factors which set us apart from our competition. Our ability to offer a “hybrid” solution consisting of both on-site and hosted cloud services, as well as the ownership of the patents relating to cybersecurity technologies, allows us to better protect you from all possible angles.

ProtectID® various authentication methods:

  • Out-of-Band Phone – #, PIN, OTP, and/or Voice

  • OTP Delivery to Phone via MS, Voice, Email, and/or Push

  • Out-of-Band Push – Accept/Deny, PIN, and/or Fingerprint

  • Hard Tokens – Key Fob, USB Key, and/or Wallet Cards

  • Mobile Tokens – iOS, Android

  • Desktop Tokens – Windows, OS X & MacOS, and/or Linux

  • Support for FIDO

flexible deployments.png
Secure Access
Easy to Provision
Flexible Deployment
  • VPN – IPSec or SSL VPNs

  • Citrix Networks

  • Web Applications – On- Site or Cloud OWA, SharePoint, Office365, and more

  • Windows Desktop Login

  • Transactions via Out-of-Band Verification

  • Self Service Portal

  • Web Manager

  • HTTP Provisioning Interface

  • Mobile “One Touch” Provisioning

  • On-Site

  • Cloud

  • Hybrid On-Site + Cloud

  • OEM – Become a Cloud Authentication Provider

  • Flexible Pricing Models

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