Cloud Application Hosting

Managing Cloud Applications


When your business needs to run legacy or on premise applications in the cloud, CloudCycles can help.   Our Cloud hosting team will custom tailor a hosted environment that will free your applications from your server room and provide secure access from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Imagine not having to be tied to the office to access your mission critical applications or being able to provide access to service providers, such as your accountant, to help streamline your operations.

Benefits of Cloud Computing


The cloud offers several advantages, some of which may vary based on the size and type of business you’re running, the industry you operate in and where you are in the process of transforming your business.

StartUp Businesses

-  The cloud can offer an essential differentiator. It empowers anyone with an idea to get their business up and running quickly with minimal up-front costs.

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

-  with limited resources you can take advantage of industry-leading compute, storage and networking capabilities that can scale on demand as your business grows.

Larger Enterprises

-  You'll often face complex challenges ensuring the availability and performance of high-traffic websites and demanding applications, as well as infrastructure requirements that vary across departments. The cloud can help enterprises increase your operational efficiency, productivity and agility.

Additional Advantages to Cloud Computing 

Our team will work closely with you to assess your needs and find the right balance between ease of access, security, complexity, and costs.   We will help you navigate through the technical process and provide you with clear recommendations including costs.  Getting started is easy.   Simply fill out the hosting questionnaire and email the form back to us.   Our hosting team will review the information and build a no-cost, no-obligation quote for you to evaluate.  Once you’re comfortable with the costs, we’ll provide a detailed Statement of Work so you’ll know exactly what we will do to prepare your environment for your applications.

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