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4-Step Consultative Approach


CloudCycles capacity to deliver superior and dependable cloud services to our clients is the result of more than 20 years of experience creating and refining a repeatable methodology that we utilize for every service engagement. Our Cloud Services Methodology is one of the many characteristics of our business that distinguishes CloudCycles from other vendors.

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Assess and Plan

Our Engineers, Consultants, and Architects first meet to understand your business requirements and goals. As part of this process, we determine the needs of both the business and technical representatives. Once these needs are understood and documented, we collect empirical data about the IT environment through various assessment tools.


Having accurate data about the existing environment is crucial to formulating a cloud strategy to meet and exceed your business objectives. Whether assessing potential server and/or end-point backups to the cloud, network design and health, or alignment with cloud best practices, the goal is always the same – good baseline data makes for good decision making. Assessments are at the core of CloudCycles mission of providing value.

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Secure Deployment

Based on the recommendations of the assessment, our team will design a flexible, efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure that is both customized to your business needs and representative of leading-edge cloud technologies and industry trends.


The process begins with an architectural design and bill of materials, and move through the services scoping process with a letter of understanding, statement of work, and finally a project plan. By the end of this phase, you will have a clear understanding of the proposed design, how it would impact business, steps required to get the project completed, and costs.

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Once we’ve completed a full assessment of your environment and determined the cloud solution that is right for you, we will work with you to seamlessly set up instances and ensure all appropriate software for your applications have been installed and configured to your expectations.

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After your implementation is complete and you are comfortable with your new environment, we will provide 24/7 custom monitoring and managed services. We monitor your environment, check performance data, ensure everything is running properly, and make suggestions for improvements when necessary. By staying in regular communication with you, you can be confident that your environment is performing optimally.

By being skilled in a wide variety of core data center technologies, we are able to make recommendations in areas other than simply those of the project at hand. Our engineers and consultants are trained to look for problems, and continually look for new avenues to help our clients create optimized environments.

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