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For over 20 years, and 200+ years of technology experience in the public and private sectors, SpaceCycles LLC has provided clients with a solid technology foundation on which to secure their organization’s future. Now, with the CloudCycles, we are committed to furthering our client’s goals with the Highest Performing and Highly Reliable Cloud solutions we offer. We recognize that every client and every industry is unique. Therefore, we never take a cookie-cutter approach when designing Cloud solutions and services.  In fact, we consider it our responsibility to find the strategy that suits each client’s individual needs.

At CloudCycles, we think about the entire lifecycle of the technologies employed by our clients and work with them using a holistic approach to help them achieve their goals. We do this by assessing, designing, building, and managing solutions customized for each client’s needs to deliver exceptional results.  See our complete list of services below to help identify the most effective solution for your next project.

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A Division of SpaceCycles LLC, with 20+ years providing leading-edge technology to its clients, CloudCycles’s mission is to help organizations solve their business challenges with Cloud technology solutions that reduce costs, simplify operations, and increase business performance. CloudCycles has formed strategic partnerships with leading technology companies including Xero, Hubdoc, Druva, StrikeForce Technologies, WholesaleBackup, Wasabi, iLand, and Bill4Time to name a few. With our partnerships, CloudCycles is well positioned to provide solutions to Corporate SMB’s, Education (K-12 and Higher ED), Healthcare, Hospitality, and State & Local Government. In addition to its Phoenix Arizona area headquarters, CloudCycles has locations in NY, UT, IL, and OH.


Hubdoc automatically imports all your financial documents & exports them into data you can use.


Our system delivers fast and accurate detection alerts for aggressive actions, accidents, and unwelcome visitors.

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Fully integrated into the iland Secure Cloud Console, making it easy to manage disaster recovery with just a simple click of a button.


Manage your legal practice from anywhere, anytime, on any device.


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